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Here’s Tim with the almost completely installed cistern – it is ready to receive rainwater, and since it has been raining tonight, we now have our first water. In the pic below, he’s showing me the ‘first flush’ screen and diverter, which keeps the first wash, full of debris, out of the tank.

We also got our big load of mulch (90 cubic yards) from the County’s Compost Central operation. We’ll be spreading that at part of our beautification project. Some will go under our labyrinth.

While all this is happening, life goes on at the Center. One of my favorite offices is that of Megan Coffey, our social worker who helps people with housing (and lots more). You never know what you’ll find going on in there. Here’s a pic taken this afternoon.


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Here’s how she looks. Look at the end of the building, see the big black tank? Tim Owen brought the tank over day before yesterday, and put it in place on Wednesday (he’s the one shown crawling out of the tank after installing the pump – he’s almost got barbecued, even though he was working before 10 AM). I think it looks great! Though it may be the next thing we need to paint.

Simultaneously, beautification continues. Our big project today was revitalizing our medicine wheel out front, with help from a group from Christ Church. Here are two views, the ‘bird’s eye’ taken from the office of our director, Dale Mullennix. We’re using painted rocks, shown in earlier posts.

However, since we used up quite a few rocks in the medicine wheel, we now need to paint more. But Frederick, shown here in our art area behind some freshly painted pots, and other artists will be working on that.

And out on the hill above the garden, we finally got some watermelons planted. This space is a challenge, but we need to be growing food everywhere we can. Here, the gardeners (you can see Cleo in front) are working in the early evening, about 7 PM – that’s a much better time to garden than midday in these parts, and the best time to set out transplants. If the transplants, a gift from Renfrow’s Hardware in Matthews (thanks, David!), don’t make it, we’ll direct seed right away. We could have planted these weeks ago, but one nice thing about the long long growing season here is that you can relay plant for weeks. When these ripen, we’ll still be happy to eat them, since it is likely to be hot on into October.

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