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Bill is a long-time regular at the Center. Today, as all the work in the garden swirled around him, he took a minute to sip on his bottle (something strictly forbidden here). But no one was watching but the Prince of Compassion, who sees all. Bill struggles daily, sometimes making progress, sometimes stumbling. If you slept under a bridge on the dirty pavement at night, and could get no Prozac or even Advil, could you resist something that took away the pain, even for a little while, even if it only made matters worse in the end? The One who watches reminds us not to judge, and always to hope – and always to work to make the world a little bit kinder and better place.

Meanwhile, in the garden, can’t forget greener place, too. Here are some scenes, there’s a lot happening right now:

Here Pedro, Lite, Kiesha, Manuel and Michael work on weeding our main veggie garden. We’re staking tomatoes this week, too. We like volunteers, thus you’ll see lots of background sunflowers and other things that have come back. That’s not bad, I think. Planning is great, too much planning can kill a project.

Meanwhile, out front, Pete and Cleo were at work on restoring our medicine wheel, beside the new steps Eagle Scout candidate Andrew Ebersold just completed for us. We got Bermudagrass sneaking in, one of the several invasive plants that have shown up. Hard to be compassionate about them as it is to see the common humanity in pushers and pimps, but we are all part of a greater and deeply interlinked community of great complexity, as Aldo Leopold pointed out. So, we pull weeds, and, like Bill, consider chemical quick-fixes. “Hit it with Round-Up, man”. I hear that a lot…

Meanwhile, tours keep coming through the garden – I admit I want to put all these kids to work right now.

And close with a picture of Pete Foster, gardener extraordinaire, who is tending the lovely petunias shared by Michael Norton, our garden and landscape hero who shows up with crews regularly, spreading both hope and beauty.


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